Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Universe has decided that it's hilarious

Tonight was open house for my son's school. It's his first year in middle school so we were very excited. This year, my son is in 2 self contained classes, which meet for 2 periods a day, and then 2 inclusion classes and he has Art and Health as well. The self contained classes are small, only about 6 kids in the class. This is my son's first time in a self contained class as he has been in only inclusion from kindergarten on. Not that it matters in regards to what I am about to write. At any rate, he loves this teacher, and he really likes the kids in the class. He has been talking about one boy in particular, and he has told me all about this boy and I am just so thrilled that he is finding people he can connect with. His friend, has invited him to join the chess club with him and my son agreed. That was huge news in our house, not only was he choosing a club, it was chess , which was something new and not having anything to do with gems and minerals. He was doing something because someone else asked him and he wanted to hang out with someone and try it. Thrilled. That is me.

Anyhoo, as the parents filed in, I pretty much knew which parent belonged to what kid. Except for my son's new friend. And at that point, his father walked in. Who was his father, you ask? You are asking because I am saying, "You are never in a zillion years going to guess who this kid's dad is". Go on, ask. Ok, I will tell you. This man just happened to be the principal of the school from the interview of doom. Oh yes, that interview. The one where I made a complete and utter fool out of my self. He was in each and every class (with the exception of art and science) and sat just to the left of me each time. When I saw him walk in, I said to myself, 'fuck no, please, really?????'. I texted my husband who was sitting behind me and told him who it was. He said 'screw him'. I of course just wanted to run over to him, tug on his sport jacket and say " I swear to you I am not really like that, please believe me. Pleassseeeeeeeeeeeeeee believe me." It took every ounce of restraint I had not to desperately and somewhat ironically try and convince him that I really am a reasonably intelligent functioning adult. He did not seem to even recognize me, but I am sure at some point the light bulb will go off and he will say to himself , 'oh yes, I know where  I know her from, she is that dingbat woman incapable of putting a string of words together to form a coherent sentence. Ha ha, loser'.

It would be one thing if that was the only contact I will have from him. I won't. My son has already informed me that he has invited his son  to come over next weekend and he has given him our phone number. Yes, universe, I get it, you have a sick sense of humor. Thanks. Thanks a lot.

It's so strange, but after that rotten interview, I kept thinking , if only I could run into one of them at the supermarket or something, I could somehow convince them that I was not a sorry fool. I know that job was not meant to be, but I could somehow erase that bad impression I left. Undo what cannot be undone. Maybe the universe decided to teach me a lesson that what you want, might not always be what you really want. Maybe the universe needs to get punched in the throat.

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  1. I have to admit I laughed! He will figure out how fabulous you are and what a mistake he made!