Thursday, August 21, 2014

Got it bad, Got it bad, Got it bad....I'm Hot for Teacher

Oooh teacher barbie, you so naughty

When I first started teaching, back in the 90's, my mom got me a teacher barbie with a talking blackboard for Christmas, as a kind of joke gift. For shits and giggles, I did a search on eBay to see how much that was worth, as I have never taken it out of the box.

Apparently in 1995 there was a glitch in the system and a number of these teacher barbies were extra naughty and were packaged in their boxes sans panties. Maybe the dude working the underwear putting on device at the barbie factory that day was feeling a little randy. Once Mattel realized the issue, they stopped sending out bloomer less dolls. According to the pervs on ebay, this makes teacher barbie extra valuable.

I don't think I would feel comfortable even selling my poor pantie-less barbie to some creeper.

OK, I am going go tear my closet apart now and do an undie check on my doll.

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