Thursday, August 14, 2014

It's not easy being green

I have a love hate relationship with green juice. Mostly hate. I want to like it, it's packed with goodness and full of life and bursting with nutrients and vibrancy and all that stuff. But it tastes like ass.
I think it's mostly my rigid thinking getting in the way of my taste buds here. I like fruit . I even like fruit juice. I love veggies.. I like V-8. But somehow, mingling the two causes me some form of tastebud anxiety. My brain can't process a fruit and a vegetable mixed together like that.
I just got a vitamix for my birthday. It was on my long list of 'things I really want but won't ever get'. I was shocked last week to see a giant box on my dining room table next to a smiling husband. He was so proud of himself and I was definitely surprised. My kitchen is not worthy of it. I know it sits there mocking me thinking it somehow wound up in the wrong house. It came with a giant binder of recipes. Recipes filled with goodness. The promise of a new day of healthy living in a shiny new gigantic blender.
The first thing we made was a pina colada. With the exception of the rum, it could actually be considered a Paleo concoction as the only other ingredients were pineapple and coconut milk. It was delicious.
The second thing I made was a green smoothie. After a $98.00 jaunt to whole foods and a cart full of hope, I was good to go. My idea of a smoothie is like a milkshake. This was not my idea of a smoothie. It had grapes, a half an apple, a half a kiwi, a smidgen of cucumber and a bit of broccoli along with some water and half a lemon. It was supposed to be a breakfast energy drink but I procrastinated making it all morning and after 5 cups of coffee, I finally relented at 11:00 am. It was a beautiful shade of lime green.  I still did not want to drink it.
I felt the pressure though. My husband got this for me so that I could forge on with my ever present plans of eating clean and vigorous exercise. I spent all this money on fresh organic produce. I poured the concoction into the glass and took a sip. I'd like to say it was delicious. It was not. But it was not the worst thing I ever drank. I choked down the rest of what I had in the glass. While I was drinking that, the stuff left in the blender started to turn brown due to oxidation. Part of me felt guilty for pouring it down the drain. But most of me did not.

I don't know if most people are like me. I have two me's inside me. The one that is on the straight and narrow, gluten free, sugar free, carb free, riding my bike, parking far away, drinking lots of water and going to bed early. That me is well groomed, wears makeup and even puts earrings in.Then there is the other me. The one that eats cookies for breakfast, and wears pajamas to the supermarket, and frequents the wendy's drive through, and does not always wash her hair and accidentally throws her fit bit in the garbage.  It's a constant battle between these 2. They both put up a valiant fight and honestly, it's still anyone's game. Somehow, they need to go to mediation and come up with a plan to get along. If I could figure that out, I would not need to drink green juice.

It must be known that I love my vitamix. It was a very thoughtful and extravagant gift and I know I will get lots of use out of it!!!!!! Both sides of me love it too as I am going to whip up a nice broccoli soup in it, as well as some margaritas.

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