Friday, August 22, 2014

Please Mr.Postman

Today, the mailman was kind enough to bring me 2 letters. One was from the hospital where I had my medical tests, the one where I applied for financial aid.  Apparently they need more information. They need documentation of my income. When I called, I explained that I had no income, that I was a stay at home mom, the charmer who answered the call, told me that since I had no income, then I would have to provide documentation of how much money I cost my husband each week to provide for me. I sensed a certain amount of self satisfaction and enjoyment as she told me this. I can't wait to work on this list. It will be so fun.

The other letter was this:
In other words, you suck.

Thank you, Universe, for making me feel like a big useless loser today.

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