Monday, August 18, 2014

What I should be doing right now

Right now, this Monday night at 9:58 pm, I should be cleaning out my freezer. My window of opportune times to throw out unidentifiable and no longer wanted food is very small for 2 main reasons.
The first reason is because the trash is collected tomorrow and that would mean my unwanted food could be disposed of immediately, instead of fermenting all week till the next pick up.
The second reason is because my husband is working tonight and won't be home to scrutinize all the things I will be removing from the freezer.
I do all my cleaning based on those two principals. If I am cleaning up a closet, and I have bags of things I need to either donate or trash, I hide them till they can be disposed of. My husband has hoarder like tendencies. I think part of it is due to him being incredibly sentimental. Or at least, that is my way of making it seem less annoying.
Once, I had 1 big black garbage bags of toys in the back of my car ready to drop off at savers.It was also there with another large bag of my old clothes. I left it in there for a few days, and that was where I failed. When I got to savers, I opened up the back of my car and discovered that I was missing the bag that had the toys. I angrily dialed my husband on the phone and discovered that he was worried I was getting rid of something good and took the bag out of my car and into his garage. I use the term garage loosely as my garage looks like a post apocalyptic nightmare. I learned a lesson that day. Hide all evidence.
So, tonight, I must purge the freezer. There are random hot dogs in there leftover from camping trips. Giant bags of artichoke hearts that seemed like a good idea at the time. I need to make room for my new frozen fruit collection. I have been pinning vitamix smoothie recipes like a madwoman and I saw someone put all of their veggies and fruits in little individual serving size ziploc bags, ready to throw in the blender in the morning. I figured it would eliminate the excuse of having to actually assemble the ingredients for a smoothie if I had them all ready to go. I subscribe to the illusion that I too can have a freezer worthy of pinterest.

At any rate, everything must go now, the planets are aligned and the time is right to throw things away without guilt, or having to explain myself.
I think it boils down to how we were raised. I would not say my family was wasteful, but I would say my husband's family is the polar opposite of not wasteful. It pains my husband to waste things. I often find a half of paper towel stuck on the side of my coffee pot when my mother in law comes to visit. A whole sheet would have been wasteful, so the non wasted piece sits crumpled waiting for it's turn. Rotten fruit is a travesty. Once, I got a half hour lecture over a pear that I did not want to eat as it was way past it's prime. Not wanting to cause unnecessary angst for my husband, I feel like I am doing him a favor as well as me by doing my tossing when he is not around. I know that there is truth to what he says. We are a wasteful society. That said, I am not eating freezer burned hot dogs.

I am mind numbingly tired right now. All I want to do is go sit on my couch and watch a real housewife. But I must plug on. Such is the life of a clandestine tosser.

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