Sunday, August 24, 2014

I've been dranking

Link to article about dumb ass teacher fired for playing drunk in love to her students

For real, I would not even let my 11 year old hear this song. If it came on in the car while I had the radio on I would change it immediately. Honestly, I would change it when it came on my pandora station while I was taking my walk around the neighborhood. I listened to it maybe twice and it made me uncomfy. Plus it kind of confused me. Surfboards, and watermelon? Waking up in the kitchen? Huh, wha? I felt like church lady listening to that song. I would not want to answer any questions that my child might have while listening to that song. Honestly, if I think about it that song kind of pisses me off. It's inappropriate and it's almost like porno.  I am not a member of the bey hive.

This story pisses me off because I am pretty much convinced that I am never going to find a job as a teacher any time this century and yet, morons like this are able to convince someone out there that they are worthy of collecting a paycheck for educating our youth. A math teacher too.

I am trying to figure out how she incorporated this song into a math lesson? How many stupid heads did it take to hire me as your math teacher?

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